This is the first JEWEL that reads emotions. DAVVERO.IO reinterprets the concept of wearable technology.
It is a unique piece of a jewelry that changes the color according to the MOOD or the LOOK of the one who wears it.
While many wearable devices focus on activity tracking and on fitness level, we offer a way to improve the psychological side of WELLNESS.
  • You are up for a healthy lifestyle;
  • You strive to be original;
  • You want to stay in touch with your inner-self;
  • You care about work-life balance;
  • You want to make a statement with your appearance;
  • You shop online;
  • You are a fan of wearable gadgets;
  • You want to surprise a close one with an original gift;



  • Manage ambitions and career pressures
  • Satisfy the desire for self-expression
  • Stay connected to Friends and Family
  • Visibly understand inner-self
  • Recognize and fight anxiety and depression
  • Boost self-awareness
  • Combine useful and pretty

How it works?

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